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Don't let your doll sit on the floor!

Hi, I am Lena. Nice to see you on my very first website!

Lena Lenasminiland
My passion for miniatures starts a long time ago. When I was a kid, my parents like traveling. In our Lithuanian train station has been a miniature city model inside a glass box. I always watching at mini houses, train ways, and tiny trains, and imagine that the next moment tiny people will come through tiny dors! So fairy! I remember a story about a boy, who saw a miniature ship in the bottle model in grandma's house and imagining to see small people working inside. A boy was trying not to sleep over the night to see those mini sailors. That was my favorite book.

When I grew up I was very impressed to create miniature things realistic as possible and repeat the real world in minis. At some moment I implemented my love for animals and nature in my mini creations. My parent's house has always been full of cats or dogs, I often took homeless cats home. Now, when I have my family I decided to live near nature, out of the city. I also adopt a dog and two cats from the animal shelter. I am very happy that my kids can grow up with pets and learn to take care of them. I also donate to an animal shelter.

An eco-friendly environment is very important to me. For this reason, there are no harmful chemicals in the garden around our house. Many of the branches and pieces of the forest you see in my items are coming from our garden too. I use repurposed parts and materials to make my item and show how you can create your minis using everyday things.

I would ask you to dispose of packaging and fillings at the sorting container ♥