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Interview with me in Lithuanian newspaper ♥

Showed what can be created from secondary raw materials: three-dimensional miniature worlds are born..

Presentation of the exhibition of my work in the library of New Vilnia (Lithuania).

An exhibition of my works took place in the library of the New Vilnia (Lithuania) in September. Ther..

General exhibition of Lithuanian miniaturists in Vilnius old town (Lithuania)

I am so happy to take the opportunity join to the general exhibition with so talented artists. &hear..

Collaborative exhibition of Lithuanian doll makers in Mariampole (Lithuania)

I joined the collaborative exhibition in Mariampole, with many talented Lithuanian doll makers. ..

 The next exhibition of my work in the library of Radviliskis (Lithuania).

Another one exhibition of my dollhouses in suitcases took place in the library of Radviliskis. The e..

Meeting with lithuanian doll makers in Fairy valley (Lithuania)

I am so happy to tell you about the meeting I have to go to several days ago in Fairy valley (That m..

Lenasminiland brand now available in Fairy valley (Lithuania) ♥

Starting on... now some of Lenasminiland brand items are available to buy in Fairy Valley ♥ ..

Fair mark at Elektrenai (Lithuania)

I just participate at the fair mark at Elektrenai (This is a town in Lithuania)...

Lenasminiland interview at Alura

I did an interview with Alura, it is available here..

Dollhouses in a suitcases exhibition at the Hugo Scheu museum.

I am so glad to join the Christmas exhibition, which is going on at the Hugo Scheu Museum in Shilute..

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