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Interview with me in Lithuanian newspaper ♥

Showed what can be created from secondary raw materials: three-dimensional miniature worlds are born in the hands of a woman.
Jelena Odilova introduces the readers of "Let's talk" to her extremely colorful and even somewhat magical activity - the creation 
of dioramas. The miniature, fairy-tale-like three-dimensional world interested the woman even as a child, when she used to 
admire the railway model at the train station. Now, women's hands create wonderful miniatures and interior decorations from 
scraps and various production leftovers.
"I come from a small Lithuanian town. I graduated in sewing-construction and business management. I've had amazing 
professors whose biggest goal is for their students to open up and discover themselves. And all of them (and there were even 
a few of them!) wanted me to make up my mind and choose one of the possible hobbies. Paradoxically, I was able to find a field 
that encompassed all of my abilities at the same time, so I didn't have to choose one. Until then, I worked in various jobs - from 
a screen printing machine operator in a printing house to an accountant. All of my jobs have given me experience that has served 
me well in my current job.
Many have probably seen the railway model at the Vilnius railway station. When I was little and we went somewhere, I really liked 
to look at small houses and train tracks. My favorite childhood book was about a little boy who thought there were little sailor men 
in a bottle ship and he kept trying to lure them in by putting candy and lurking in the night. Unfortunately, most of the toys I got to 
play with as a child were not very detailed or looked unnatural. Mattel makes really good doll furniture, but most of it is plastic and 
pink. From a business perspective, this is a great solution because lower production costs match demand. After all, most girls 
dream to be princesses.
Probably only now things are changing with the advent of pastel colors, Scandinavian style and the progress of women's 
independence. One should also mention the standard of living, when people have money not only for necessary expenses, 
but also for a hobby that no longer seems like a waste of money. This is how someone starts collecting dolls that they might not 
have had as a child, and someone creates dioramas. Dioramas are a small space, a doll's room, which can be placed on a shelf 
as an interior detail. A diorama can be a kitchen, a cafe, a bedroom, or a patch of forest, a home for fairy-tale creatures.

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